The Carmelite Congregation

In 1907 Bishop Benziger took a decision of great importance, His Lordship set about framing the constitutions and amalgamated the three Convents of Quilon, Trivandrum, and Tangassery.

Holy Angel's Convent, TVM (1875) Holy Angel's Convent, TVM (1880)
Holy Angel's Convent, TVM (1885) FIRST MOTHER GENERAL (1908 -1926)

In 1908, Bishop Benziger convened the Chapter of the senior-most members of the convents. Mother M. Michael was elected as the 1st Mother General and she held that office till her death in 1926.

Sacred Heart Convent, Anjengo (1916)
St.Teresa’s Convent, Santacruz (1922) St.Therese's Convent, Nayatinkara (1926) SECOND MOTHER GENERAL (1926-1944)
Mother Mary Archange
St.Michels Convent, Karwar (1927) Carmelite Convent of St.Thomas, Sandor Gloria Convent, Byculla (1944)
Mother Mary. Louise was elected as the third Mother General from 1944-1975.
Our Lady of Mercy, Puthucurichy Our Lady Grace Convent, Papdy
St.Joseph’s Convent, Khadiki, Pune Sacred Heart Convent, Ahmednagar (1950) Little Flower Convent, Solapur
Our Lady of Fatima Convent, Bhusawal Sacred Heart Convent, Mathura St. Paul’s Convent, Dadar
Mother of God Convent, Majorda (1967) Holy Family Convent, Aravila Mount Pleasant Convent, Nanthancode
All Saints Hostel, Chakai St.Xaviers High School, Matheran Holy Angels Novitiatee
Our Lady Of Lourdes Convent, Chavara St.Louis Convent, Andheri Our Lady of Perpetual Convent, Succour, Goa
Rev. Mother M.Angela, Fourth Mother General. Second Dress Code In the year 1968
Cardinal Late Duraisamy Simon Lourdusamy and Late Father Benedict Jose encouraged Mother Angela to spread Mother Veronica’s Charism abroad. From Left to Right , Sr. Mary Kilda, Sr.M Celestina, Sr. M Isabelle, Sr. M Xavier, Mother Mary Angela, Sr. Mary Beatrice, Sr.M.Bibiana, Sr. M . Flora. Sr.M.Roseline
Front Row: L-R : Sr. M.Laurentia, Sr.M. Felita, Sr.Regina Louis, Sr.M. Cynthia, Sr.M. Leontina, Sr.M. Joachim and Sr.M. Nancy
Collegio San Paolo, Rome Convent of Queen of Carmel, Surat Queen of Angels Convent, Bharuch
St. Xavier’s Institute, Panaji, Goa
Mr.Suresh Jain & Fr. D. Keating, S.J. worked tirelessly for the opening of St.Joseph’s School, Jalgoan
St.Joseph’s Convent, Jalgoan, 1980
Regina Carmeli Convent, Palwancha (1981) St.Aloysius Convent, Chirakal St.Antony‘s Convent, Karthedom
Thomas Villa, Bodiem (1985) Casa Assoglienza St.Agnes, Italy Flos Carmeli Convent, Pallithura
Marion Villa, Kumarapuram Infant Jesus Convent, Okhla
Immaculate Convent, Bareilly Germany Kloster HL.Edith Stein CD
Assumption Convent, Kamalapuram (1993) Infant Jesus, Murukumpuzha Immaculate Conception Convent, Lucknow
Holy Angel’s Convent, Wagholi) Flos Carmeli Convent, Mysore (2003) Valiyathura
North American Pontifical, Rome St. Aloysius Convent, Papadi FIFTH MOTHER GENERAL
Mother Mary Francis (1996 - 2010)
Under the firm and stable administration, congregation had been divided into provinces.
Third Dress Code in the year 2000
18-June-2006 Province Emerged
Western Province - Sr. M.Geraldine
Southern Province - Sr. M.Elma
Central Province - Sr.Philomina Viegas
General Delegation 2010
Carmel Delegation Foreign Countries - Sr.Mary Beatrice
All saints delegation - Sr.Mary Freda
Western Province
St. Teresa’s Convent, Santa Cruz.
Carmelite Convent of St. Thomas, Sandor
Convent of Our Lady of Glory, Byculla
Convent of Our Lady of Grace, Papdy
Sacred Heart Convent, Mathura
St. Paul’s Convent, Dadar
St. Francis Xavier’s Convent, Matheran
St. Louis Convent, Andheri
Frances Bhavan, Batote, Jammu & Kashmir
Holy Spirit Convent, Chitalda, Surat
Krista Raja Convent, Bahare, Dahanu
Convent of Queen of Carmel, Surat
Convent of Queen of Angels’, Bharuch
Infant Jesus Convent, Okhla
Convent of Immaculate Conception, Bareilly
St. Mary’s Convent, Alibag
Immaculate Conception Convent, Gomtinagar
St. Aloysius Convent, Papdy
St. Teresa’s Province, Mumbai
Central Province
St. Michael’s Convent, Karwar
St. Joseph’s Convent, Kirkee
Sacred Heart Convent, Ahmednagar
Little Flower Convent, Solapur
Convent of Our Lady of Fatima, Bhusawal
Mother of God Convent, Majorda
Convent of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, Sanvordem
St. Xavier’s Institute, Panjim
St. Joseph’s Convent, Jalgaon
Regina Carmeli Convent, Palwancha
Thomas Villa, Bodiem
Assumption Convent, Kamalapuram
Holy Angels’ Convent, Wagholi, Pune
Flos Carmeli Convent, Mysore
St. Joseph’s Province, Pune
Pushpanilaya, Belgaum
Carmel Bhavan, Karunapuram
Veronica Villa, Assolda, Goa 
Southern Province
St. Joseph’s Convent, Tuet, Quilon
Convent of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Tangasseri
Sacred Heart Convent, Anjengo
St. Thérèse’s Convent, Neyyattinkara
Convent of Our Lady of Mercy, Puthencurichy
Holy Family Convent, Aravila
Mary Mount Convent, Nanthencode
St. Aloysius Convent, Chirakal
St. Antony’s Convent, Karthedom
Flos Carmeli, Pallithura
Marion Villa, Kumarapuram
St. Thérèse’s Province, Kottiyam
Carmelalaya Convent, Prakkulam, Kollam
St. Peter’s Convent, Nileshwar
Infant Jesus Convent, Murukumpuzha
Villa Teresa Convent 
Convent of Our Lady of Lourdes, Chavara
St.Therese Provincial House (2006) St.Teresa’s Provincialate, Santacruz St.Joseph’s Convent, Khadiki, Pune
Mother Mary Elma, 2011-2017. The lagacy of our foundress’s, ‘other works of mercy' ventured into a new horizon.
Pushpanilaya, Belgaum (2008) Carmel Bhavan, Karunapuram (2008)
Veronica Villa, Assolda, Goa Carmelite Sisters, Nirobi Carmel Alayam, Prakkulam
Frances Bhavan , J & K St.Peters Convent-Nileshwar Carmel Convent, Ngong, Kenya